Quality Overview

Quality Overview

Srujana maintains a robust Quality Management System that extends far beyond the minimum requirements. We strive to continuously improve our system with regular management reviews, elective surveillance audits and suggestions for improvement from employees and customers.

We strive to detect or prevent all quality issues. Tools are designed with lessons learned in mind; job setups are error-proofed; documented and inspection intervals are specified for each stamped part. We have several layers of inspection beyond the typical in-process inspection. The vision system used in the manufacturing process supports to identify the defects online and thus prevents dispatch of defective parts to customers.

The quality team is dedicated to a roving inspection process that covers documentation, labeling, manufacturing details as well as visual and dimensional inspection. These additional layers provide your company the freedom to do business with confidence.

Testing Facilities:

Vickers hardness tester Rockwell hardness tester Surface Roughness tester  Video Measuring System Mitutoyo Quick vision Digital Microscope Online Vision System (SPM)