Custom Electro-Mechanical Assembly Services

We specialise in difficult-to-source parts for the electronic/electrical industry and provide custom-manufactured solutions. We can be your your trusted partner for creating distinctive electronic and electrical products. We have a unique strength sourcing parts from multiple sources and then converting them into a truly customised Assembly.

Typical Customised Assemblies:

Custom Electro-Mechanical Assembly Services

Electromechanical assemblies involve many a repeatable tasks across diverse range of industries, including power generation and system control. Electromechanical assemblies consist of complex circuitry and mechanical components that work in tandem to power mechanical tasks. Successful implementation of complex electromechanical systems requires an intricate knowledge of all electrical and mechanical components being used and how they are assembled. Srujana Industries has this extensive knowledge and offers turn-key solutions for electromechanical assemblies to help you ensure your product is rigorously tested and compliant with all relevant guidelines and standards.

Electromechanical Assembly & Applications

Electromechanical assembly has applications across a diverse range of industries. Understanding the broad steps involved and the various components used will help to identify the proper electromechanical assembly solutions for your particular operation.

Srujana has assembly lines for various components. When an electromechanical assembly is commissioned, we begin with an extensive review of the assembly before moving through a comprehensive manufacturing process and testing to ensure quality. Our process is as follows:

Our team will gather information about your specifications and requirements. They will then work carefully to meet your design demands and suggest changes that can improve the manufacturing process and quality. This step includes everything from evaluating component options to improved processes.

Prototyping and First Piece Approval:

This step involves taking your design and building the assembly. Feedback and discussion is a critical part of this phase to assure the best possible product is moving into production.

Manufacturing and Sub-Assembly:

This stage is highly variable but reflects the work during first piece development. It often requires specialized techniques, designed quality fixtures, and time investments depending on the project.

All of our subassemblies and final assemblies undergo thorough testing to identify defects and ensure optimal functionality. Shipments are done onl after they have been thoroughly vetted for quality.

EV Charger box assembly - for 3 wheelers


Charger Box Assembly


Various (36 BOM items)

Challenge Areas:

The customer expected increase of assemblies per day from 10 to 25 sets. Srujana has achieved 30 to 35 sets of assembly per day in a record time of 1 month with half of the manpower, earlier used by the customer. This was possible by use of Process changes and line balancing with suitable trained manpower and addition of QA check points at intermediate stations.

Types of Electromechanical Assemblies:

Electromechanical assemblies can take many forms and will often be only one component of a larger system. We can create a broad range of assemblies for nearly any application, such as:

Switch and Sensor assemblies Panel assemblies DIN rail assemblies Power supply assemblies Transformer assemblies Cable and harness assemblies

Industries Served:

Our assemblies support operations in many different industries, including:electromechanical assembly services:

Aerospace Automotive Defence Fire & Safety Agricultural Heavy Equipment Energy and Power