Precision Forming

Precision Forming

In order to manufacture the precisely pressed and formed components, is an art. We have developed several different pressing and punching tools and methods in order to meet our esteemed customer reuqirements. Team has pioneered engineering and development of such tools at Srujana, by use of the latest engineering design tools.

Srujana manufactures to your design, specialising in complex or difficult parts in plastics and high-end metals. Our customers come to us with a drawing or sample and we manufacture it for them. We can reverse engineer your part, providing a cost-effective and timely alternative to imported parts.

Srujana offers a range of in-house and subcontract forming and finishing technologies which complement photo etching, enabling customers to reduce their supplier base.


We offer manual and semi-automatic precision forming using standard, modular and custom form tools. Where possible, bend lines can be incorporated into photo etched components, removing the need for hard form tooling.

In-house spot welding is available for components which require a permanent connection, such as nickel silver screening cans.